Condition Remedies
Loose at Corner Entry
  • Reduce right rear air pressure
  • Move right rear wheel in
  • Use narrower right rear wheel or more offset
  • Raise chassis ride height front and rear
  • Take out tilt (raise left side)
  • Add right rear cross weight
  • Use less bar split
  • Use softer right rear bar
  • Drive car in straighter
Loose At Mid-Corner
  • Move Right Rear tire in (start with 1″)
  • Reduce stagger
  • Raise ride height front and rear
  • Use softer rebound shock valving at left front and left rear
  • Use higher gear
  • Take tilt out (raise left side)
  • Raise forward end of left rear radius rod
  • Move wing back or use more wing angle
Tight At Mid Corner
  • Move Right Rear tire out (start with 1″)
  • Increase stagger
  • Lower chassis ride height
  • Use more tilt (lower left side)
  • Lower left rear radius rod forward end
  • Move wing forward
  • Use stiffer shock rebound valving left front
Tight At Corner Exit
  • Increase stagger
  • Lower the front ride height
  • Move wing forward
  • Increase nose wing angle
  • Use stiffer shock rebound valving on both front shocks
Tight Through Entire Corner
  • Increase right rear air pressure
  • Increase stagger
  • Move wing forward
  • Use softer left front torsion bar
  • Move right rear wheel out